The San Gabriel Valley Celiac Support Group serving the Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley areas of Southern California. Burbank to San Dimas and La CaSGVmapnada to Whittier. SGVCeliac.org provides an informal forum for members and anyone needing information, education and support for issues related to Celiac Disease. SGVCeliac.org strives to promote awareness and build a supportive community for our members.

Celiac Disease (CD) is a lifelong, digestive disorder affecting children and adults. When people with CD eat foodsface of celiac that contain gluten, it creates an immune-mediated toxic reaction that causes damage to the small intestine and does not allow food to be properly absorbed. Even small amounts of gluten in foods can affect those with CD and cause health problems. Damage can occur to the small bowel even when there are no symptoms present.

Gluten is the common name for the proteins in specific grains that are harmful to persons with celiac disease. These proteins are found in ALL forms of wheat (including durum, semolina, spelt, kamut, einkorn and faro) and related grains rye, barley and triticale and MUST be eliminated.

This web site has been designed to be a general information resource. However, it is not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, or any other medical application. Please contact your medical professional for medical advice regarding your situation. This information is not warranted and no liability is assumed by the author or any group for the recommendations, information, dietary suggestions, menus, or recipes. Products mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement. Please verify the gluten free status of products often for your own protection.


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