Gluten-free product status of Trix

Trix ingredients are GF.  They are probably not made in the new dedicated facility where the Chex cereal is made. So General Mills has not put GF on the box. Read below. Have you checked out the new web site for CDF?  It has only been up a week.



The Celiac Disease Foundation posted on their web site this response from General Mills. It is in response to many inquiries about the gluten-free status of Trix that do not have gluten containing ingredients but are not marked gluten-free.  CDF feels this would be a similar response by major manufacturers when asked the same question about their products.


Here is a response directly from General Mills:


“Trix is not currently labeled gluten-free. General Mills products with the gluten-free claim on package have undergone extensive ingredient, manufacturing and product analysis to ensure they are gluten free. Our other products might be gluten free, but only products with the gluten free claim have been thoroughly evaluated and tested.”


Our gluten-free product list will expand over time as we confirm products comply with the proposed FDA regulation for “gluten free”.


To find a list of General Mills gluten-free products and recipes online visit their new website LiveGlutenFreely™ at


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