Taco and Enchilada sauces

This just came from List Serv.


(List is not all-inclusive) Check labels for “wheat.”

No wheat:

Old El Paso (www.OldElPaso.com; General Mills; 800/300-8664)

Taco Seasoning Mix – Original and Hot & Spicy

Old El Paso Fajita Seasoning Mix

Ortega (B&G Foods) Taco Seasoning Mix and Chipotle Mix

Kroger Guacamole Seasoning Mix

Kroger Enchilada Sauce Mix

Nick Fowler’s Taco Seasoning Mix

Kroger Chipotle Enchilada Sauce (jar)

Kroger Enchilada Sauce (jar)

Kroger Verde Enchilada Sauce (jar)

Kroger Fire-Roasted Red Enchilada Sauce (jar)

Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce – Mild & Medium (can)

Kroger Enchilada Sauce – Red (can)

McCormick Original Taco Seasoning Mix

McCormick 30% less Sodium Taco Seasoning Mix

McCormick Mild Taco Seasoning Mix

McCormick Fajitas Seasoning Mix

McCormick Enchilada Sauce Mix

Ortega Mild & Medium Original Taco Sauce (jar)

NO (These have wheat):

Lawry’s Taco Seasoning Mix

Kroger Taco Seasoning

Kroger Original Chili Seasoning

Kroger Fajita Seasoning – original

Kroger Burrito Seasoning Mix

Kroger Green Enchilada Sauce (can)

Kroger Green Enchilada Sauce (can)

McCormick Original Chili Seasoning Mix

Lawry’s Enchilada Sauce Mix

Kroger Enchilada Sauce (can)

Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce

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