Today I found out that the Celiac Disease Foundation is holding the price for the conference to $85 until the day of the conference. This means that if anyone wants to come to the conference pay only $85 and just say you are a friend of Tenny Custer. This is a CDF member or not a CDF member. Call me if you have any questions. 626-287-5436

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Celiac Disease Foundation

Are you ready to attend the 2012 Annual Education Conference and Gluten-Free Food Faire at Hilton Hotel Los Angeles/Universal City on April 28th?

Join us for this all day GLUTEN-FREE event.

Tickets are still available but don’t wait….Register Now!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

* Gluten free breakfast and plated luncheon * Dr. Guandalini and Dr. Green speak on celiac disease and gluten sensitivity * Dr. Harmon from UCLA will tell us about the new celiac center at UCLA * Dieticians Shelley Case and Melinda Dennis talk about the gluten-free diet and nutritional guidelines * Over 70 gluten-free exhibitors featuring a wide variety of products and services * Gluten-free food samples and sales * Book signing & sales * Tweens, teens and young adults session * Raffle of gluten-free goodie baskets * Gluten-free goodie bag with every registration

For a timeline of the day’s activities, click here LcAguLFoCGb0XOrNtKrI2nq8dqlC8Na0uWLjnkJ_kwGcAshzD6RblTBeIYHkgA-sgW8QHK0gGUCx pAjGpxJluc2iN-63MViP_v9BCpZoEA==>

See all the participating companies, click here XPJO4iE5kPytCXokYOeHxsEMRL3gLEaMDoqwL1npbfj-O5F3qSHA1KYDngcD5cSwsKM3kJy6yEAq aoamMDLjoCGIIPl6HDYVtuYo1nLakQ==> JfqAe93Z5VikmpDvnB38HLXSrvZksTu4f_Bt0MRt0dDfrNZE5NRSeeLHjnTeuPJWLYgiwApHXdZy _FYEoSz_R5U0Fenxdhg=> Register Online Now!

Contact Us

phone: 818-990-2354


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Celiac Disease Foundation | 13251 Ventura Blvd. | Suite 1 | Studio City | CA | 91604 tp://


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